RobotClass offers you the opportunity to step into the fast grow business in Australia

01 Proven Successful Business

Established 20+ centres in NSW within 2 years!

All centres are running with a decent ROI(Return on Investment)!  Ask us how!

02 Low Cost Hight Return Investment

Low Cost StartUp Business Model

Not a Franchise Business  -> No Loyalty Fee!

Quicker Time to Value (TtV)

03 Exclusive Rights to Unique Robot Kits and Curriculum

You have the full rights to run the RobotClass and sell the robot kits at the exclusive territory that you owned.

04 Be Part of the World Largest Robot Competition Association

Be part of the largest International Youth Robot Competition Association


05 Raising Industry – STEM Education is the FUTURE of Our Country

A Renewed National Focus on STEM in School Education is Critical Ensuring that All Young Australians are Equipped with the Necessary STEM Skills and Knowledge that They Will Need to Succeed.

(source: Australia National STEM school education strategy 2016 – 2026)

06 Steps of Set Up

Step 1 – Let Us Know You – Help Us Get to Know You

Visit “Contact Us” at our website and fill up the form. One of our professional licensing specialists will contact and arrange a meeting with you. We are looking for a partner whom we can share our values and vision on a mutual basis. We would love to be associated with ones passionate about STEM education, teaching and mingling with the younger generation.

Step 2 – Let You Know Us – A Little About Us

We will introduce to you our innovative business model and how it will benefit your business. You will also be invited to visit the head office, receive the cost estimation for start up, the selection of exclusive territorial and sign the agreement.

Step 3 – Nesting and Perfecting

Congratulations, you are now part of the robot class family and ready to begin the journey. You will attend and complete the comprehensive training program in which you will learn how to use, teach, manage the products and day to day management. Once training is complete, you are fully equipped and ready to run your centre! Finally, You are highly recommended to attend international robot competition on the yearly basis.