At RobotClass, children enjoy building the robots without even realising it is part of S.T.E.M. education. We provide a safe, relaxing learning environment where children can improve their problem-solving skills and social abilities. Unlike the conventional classroom, we encourage children to work at their own pace and give them time to master the knowledge progressively. This approach develops confidence and lays a solid foundation for children’s life time learning journey.

Our programs aim to:

  • Provide young children an environment to learn while having fun.
  • For students to learn theories and concepts behind robots
  • Build solid coding/programming foundation for young children
  • Enable children to head start their creativity and develop creative confidence.
  • Provide enriching, creative activities they can participate in

We Collaborate With Schools

  • Schools can now incorporate our Robotics classes both in a co-curricular and cross-curricular practice; assisting students in any area of development.
  • Our School (K-12) programs are designed to IGNITE AND EXCITE students’ interest in STEM – building and strengthening their STEM foundation alongside their school subjects.
  • Working with the schools and the content standards of each state
  • We can develop an interdisciplinary curriculum with STEM, incorporating subjects such as Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Arts/Crafts, Computer Science, etc. to fit specific needs.

Basic Robot Engineering


Early stage to prepare student to learn the concept of engineering and mechinal through hands on where the student would build the structure by using bigger blocks.

Area of Focus:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Nurture the student’s interest towards STEM robotic Education
  • Introducing simple electrical devices with the goals to understand the coodination and combination of robots structures.


Beginner stage of STEM robotic education. Using the combination of big and small blocks. Start introducing the use of sensors and main boards.

Area of Focus:

  • To learn input and output of programming logic
  • STEM robotic introduction
  • Inspiring students in the subjects of science, language and literacy.
  • Utilising the art of storytelling with Aesop’s Fables, providing lesson books for the use of robotics that are relevant to the story.

Junior Robot Engineering


Stage 2 of STEM robotic education.

Start simple coding by using the options of programming command cards (through scanning).

Area of Focus:

  • Improve children creativity,imagination,hand-on ability


Using both big and small block and advanced electronic parts to learn basic programming concepts. Continue using the options of programming command card.

Area of Focus:

  •  Improve children creativity,imagination,hand-on ability

Senior Robot Engineering


Building the models from snap together components molded from tough ABS plastic and incorporate a range of sensors (IR, photo, sound and touch) in differing configurations to demonstrate a range of capabilities and build a broad knowledge of their applications.

  • Learning the C compiler through GUI.
  • Continue learning the STEM theory


Preparation to participate in the IYRC competition.

Planning, Designing, Building, Programming, Testing and Presentation

Area of Focus:

  • Help prepare children being creative and get everything ready for competition.


Arduino + Scratch Coding with COCONUT ROBOT
  • Support physical computing & Computional thinking
  • Provide its own Scratch program based on Arduino Uno
  • Contain Dot matrix, IR, Buzzer, Led, DC motor, Bluetooth, Acceleration sensor, Illumination sensor, Temperature sensor, and 6 extended ports


Arduino + Scratch Coding with BLACKSMITH MAINBOARD
  • Manipulating Arduino mainboards
  • Provide its own Scratch program and Sketch program
  • Advanced coding by Using blacksmith mainboards
  • Contain Led sensors, Buzzer, Touch sensor, Reed sensor, Tilt sensor, CDS sensor, NTCT sensor, LM35 sensor, Variable resistance, Servo, Water sensor, IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor

Master Robot Engineering


Using Iron Block and more powerful motors and more sensors

Compiling source code through GUI with the motherboards


DUINO – Robot building + Scratch + Arduino

Advanced use of all the blocks from MRT5 with Arduino main boards

Learning SCRATCH coding and Arduino program

Humanoid Research


Applying different number of servos, using the main board as the core, combination of 3D printed accessories and MRT blocks to transform more creative models that enriching the programming learning.

Design and build your own robotic creations

Understand humanoid robot to complete humanoid task through coding.

A. I. Research

STEM 601

Using the Raspberry PI and Arduino with all MRT blocks and sensors to connect with AI robot to accomplish more complicated tasks such as visual recognition, machine learning, facial recognition,IoT and many other tasks.

Teaching University Degree Level of STEM Education – Mechatronic Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical and Control Engineering) and Advanced Level of Coding.