Robotclass Online Term3, 2020

Dear Parents,

This is Philip, Principal of RobotClass. How have you been? I sincerely wish you and your family are well in every way.

We are passing through a special experience that we have never experienced before. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change: the importance of our children’s education for the future.

The importance of coding education is emphasized more than ever in human history.
We are pleased to introduce you to the new online coding robotics class.

Tum 3 online robot class starts this week. (free trial class available )
The course consists of Live Online Lecture + eLearning System + One-to-One QnA and will be more personal and eye-level.

Please contact us and we will arrange a free trial class.
If you’re in financial trouble, feel free to contact me. We will do our best to support.

A. Coding Class ( $15 / 30~40mins Live class + elearning + QnA)  $165/10weeks
B. Robotics Clas ( $15 / 30~40mins Live class + elearning + QnA)  $165/10weeks ( *Robot-Set REQUIRED)
A+B. Coding+Robotics ( $30 / 1hour Live class + elearning + QnA)  $330 -> $220/10weeks
C. Advanced Class  ( $30 / 1hour Live class + elearning + QnA)   $330 -> $275/10weeks 

Things to prepare
For Coding: Laptop + tablet (iPad, etc)
For Robotics: Laptop + Robot set(according to leverl)
**Robot classes require renting and purchasing robot set that meets your child’s level. Once purchased, the robot set is specially designed to make 40-60 basic models and unlimited creative robots for about a year.

Robot Set Renting (quantity are limited)
$9 ( 10weeks $90 + deposit $100 )

Robot Set Purchasing (due to Covid-19 shipping can be delayed)
Robotics 101: $350 ( 1 year course, 60+ models )
Robotics 201: $400 ( 1 year course, 50+ models )
Robotics 301: $460 ( 1 year course, 45+ models + Competition preperation )
Robotics 401: $550 ( 1 year course, 45+ models + Competition preperation )
Robotics ioT for Advanced class: $350

** You can join during the term period. Any missing classes will be supplemented by eLearning and individual tutoring.

Ai Smart White Cane‚Äč

Our senior students have participated and showcased their award-winning robot (Creative Robot Award, IYRC 2019) atthe 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference (2019), held in Salt Lake City, USA. With the combination of a text reader and object detector in the form of a cane, this robot would be able to help people with vision impairment in their daily lives.

Self Diving Car Machine Learning

Vision recognition machine learning Self Driving Car

Explorer Climber Robot

The Spartan Climber was designed with the intention of being able to be mobile in hostile and harsh environments? ones uninhabitable for humans. Robots are often built and designed to have wheels and caterpillar tracks to help them drive on more level terrain.   Any enquiry, feel free to contact us