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Entry Coding Artificial Intelligence

This is an artificial intelligence course where you can experience technologies such as face recognition and object recognition using artificial intelligence blocks with entry-block programming software.

It is structured so that even young students can easily learn the principles and concepts of AI while solving problems by applying the AI project cycle while making image, text, and voice model learning, which is a method of machine learning.

✅ AGES: All Years
✅ LANGUAGE: block-based Coding (Entry)
✅ REQUIREMENTS: Laptop and Internet
✅ DELIVERY: Zoom video conferencing sessions
✅ TIME: Every Wednesday 5:30 – 6:20 pm Sydney Time
✅ Date:
February 16, 23,
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
April 6, 13, 20
✅ FEE:  $250 (10weeks, 10Lessons)

💻 Curriculum - Coding Artificial Intelligence

Lesson 1~4
Getting to know Entry Software by Making the bar game!!
Lesson 5: Basic introduction Make translator using Ai function. (Using read and Translation Ai coding block) (Lesson 1)
Lesson 6: sense the audio and translate. (Using the audio sensor, read and Translation Ai coding block) (Lesson 2)
Lesson 7: make an animal recognition program. (Using Trained model by using many images) (cats and dogs lesson)
Lesson 8: create paper scissors rock game. (Using Trained model by using many images). (Paper Scissors Rock lesson)
Lesson 9: Create storyline using trained Ai model with the image. (Lesson 7) 
Lesson 10: draw a paint by using AI trained model with the image. (Lesson 8)


ECB – What’s Entry Live Coding Course
ECB – Overview of the Entry Coding Program
Zoom Setting
ECB – Entry Program Language Setting (Korean to English)


Lesson-01 Ai project – What’s artificial intelligence
Lesson-02 Ai project – Recognize the Voice
Lesson-03 Ai project – Recognize the Vision
Lesson-04 Ai project – Scissors paper rock
Lesson-05 Ai project – Cats and Dogs
Lesson-06 Ai project – Scissors paper rock
Entry Coding Artificial Intelligence


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