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...Why choose us?


  1. 20 years of STEM Edu. experience 
  2. In-house robot development and production
  3. Powerful e-learning system
  4. With countless children in 40+ countries
  5. Rich contents (Robotics, Coding, Stam Theory)
  6. K-Y12 step-by-step course

MRT e-Learning System


The MRT Robotics e-Learning system enables centre managers, teachers and students to create the best educational experience.

One-on-one education tailored to the student’s eye level is possible.

MRT Robotics Franching Supports


Robotics Kit

Products developed with 20 years of experience, upgraded every year, in-house products


e-learning System

New content and lectures are added almost every week.
(K-Y12), step by step various coding, robotics, STEM theory courses


Training & Support

Thorough training, (zoom, online) 24/7 support



We can speak with confidence and transparency.
1. NSW Epping West Center
-tuition $4,800 ~ $5,300 /per week 
-3 teachers $1,350 / per week
-rent: $650 / per week

2. NSW Epping Public Center
-income: $4,200 ~ $4,500 /per week
-2 teachers $1,000 / per week
-rent: $750 / per week

How to open my own Centre


1. Fill out our Application form

 Fill out the application form and we’ll contact you to start off the process.

We will use this information to determine whether you meet our financial and education requirements. It allows us to do our due diligence to protect our existing franchise partners and our brand by ensuring you’re a great person to add to our family of franchises.

2. Getting to know (Zoom Meeting)

Arrange for an online meeting with our team. We will go over in detail all of our programs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

3. Franchise Agreement

Once you have all the information you need, you are able to make a franchise agreement with us.

4. Training & Launch!

The training may needs 3 – 4weeks depends on your background knowledge.

We provide the highest level of service for business success with the best robot teaching tools and e-learning system. However, it requires only the lowest initial start-up cost and franchise cost.
Compared to similar competitors, it’s easy to see how cheap we offer.

Essential Funds 

  1.  Initial Inventory: $8,000 
  2. Open franchise membership account fee, Training(3-4weeks), 3-month intensive support:  $4,000

*As the number of students increases, you can purchase more robot-set depending on the situation. It can be supplied at a special centre price (5-10%).

Ongoing Funds

  1. Basic (1-20 students/ per week) $29.99/per week
  2. Pro (20+ students/ Per week) $49.99/per week

Additional(optional) Funds 

  1. Laptops & Tablets: $2,000 – $5,000
  2. Marketing: $4,000 – $10,000
  3. Insurance: $560 – (per year, Countries that need children’s insurance for business, etc., must subscribe annually.)
  4. Office Equipment and Supplies: $2,000 – 
  5. Etc

We will provide a proven marketing initial package(Google Adwords, Facebook, and Youtube) as well as strategic assistance with your ongoing local marketing efforts.

Marketing limited to your areas, such as Facebook, on-offline marketing demands your continued investment in money and time.

Yes, Many of our centre managers keep their job.

You are required to commit ONLY 10-20 hours per week to your business.

ex) afterschool activity: 4pm-6pm (Mon-Fri)

However, if you do not have the flexibility to run after school workshops, school incursions, school holiday programs and birthday parties, then you will have to hire a manager who must attend our training week at one of our Australian training centres.

We try to solve all problems as quickly as possible, at any time by zooming or online.

New content every week or every month, and robot upgrades and developments every year.

The e-learning system is also constantly being upgraded so that children can achieve higher learning effects.

We are offering territories base on your request. When you complete the Franchise Application Form, you will have the opportunity to nominate your first and second choices for territories.

Contact us for more information.

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