Learning by Engagement

Our unique STEM program engages student to build up their Robotic knowledge and creativity through having fun.

Learning by Doing

With our qualified staff providing a hand-ons approach to teaching, the student will be able to see their creation build from start to finish.

Learning by Sharing

Encouraging group problem solving and teamwork with project based learning and engaging design challenges.

Here are some examples from happy, robotic inventors

Our Locations

See why parents Robot Class

"I was so proud to see my son on the stage within the robot competition. Robot Class is a remarkable after school centre. It made a real difference to our son."

Parent David Pandos

Thank you for all the work that you have done with the boys. It is greatly appreciated.

Parent Marry Lam

"Robot Class is the place that gives me the confidence that my child is attended to both socially and academically. "

Parent Richard Smith

We are so grateful for Robot Class, it is wonderful and truly builds the whole child - academic, social and body.

Parent Den Lee

"Our son has had a very happy and productive time in the Robot Class. Love the dedication and quality of the teaching staff."

Parent Mathew Ma

"I would strongly recommend Robot Class to other parents or career. As I have complete peace of mind that my child is well care for after school. I believe my daughter has benefited enormously through attending Robot Class. She has been provided with such a supportive environment that she has been able to explore her imagination & creativity. I am deeply grateful for the inspiration and encouragement she has received from the Robot Class teachers."

Parent Sarah Swift"

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the dedication, support and motivation of all your teachers.

Parent Nicole Lee"