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At, children enjoy building the robots without even realising it is part of S.T.E.M. education. We provide a fun, exciting learning environment where children can improve their problem-solving skills and coding abilities. This approach develops confidence and lays a solid foundation for children’s lifetime learning journey.

Robotics 101

Early stage to prepare student to learn the concept of engineering and mechinal through hands on where the student would build the structure by using bigger blocks.

Robotics 201

Beginner stage of STEM robotic education. Using the combination of big and small blocks with 4 modes of coding logics. Start introducing the use of sensors, motors and main boards.

Robotics 301

Stage 2 of STEM robotic education.

Start simple coding by using the options of programming command cards (through scanning).

Robotics 401

Building the models from snap together components molded from tough ABS plastic and incorporate a range of sensors (IR, photo, sound and touch) in differing configurations to demonstrate a range of capabilities and build a broad knowledge of their applications.

Robotics 501

Robot building + Scratch Coding + Arduino

Robotics 601 Humanoid

Applying different number of servos, using the main board as the core, combination of 3D printed accessories and MRT blocks to transform more creative models that enriching the programming learning.

Design and build your own robotic creations

Understand humanoid robot to complete humanoid task through coding.

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