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Coding Challenge

Coding Challenge 2022

Every year MRT Robotics ([]( collaborates with Australian university professors on various projects to motivate children. In 2018, We had a meeting and competition with Professor David Inglis of Macquarie University’s Department of Mechatronics. Dr. Inglis’ research interests lie in microfabrication for medicine and biology.

From 2022 onwards, We will proceed with the topic of IoT Smart Home Creative Robot with Professor Riza Yosia Sunindijo of UNSW University’s Department of Architecture.

How do I participate?

1. After signing up at, you can participate by purchasing **the coding challenge 2022 course** for $150. (We will send coding software for assignments with ID and password.)
2. **Mission 1:** Challenge 5 Levels of 110 coding lessons from this coming vacation to the end of January 2023. Once Children completed each level course with lessons and assignments, children will receive The Certificate of Completion automatically.
3. **Mission 2:** You can participate after completion of the 2nd Level (intermediate) of the coding course to participate in the creating a building game competition.
Create a game that uses various materials to build. Try using the camera, sound, and artificial intelligence (machine learning) functions. And we will send you the basic building game code. But you can change your mind and make it a completely different game.
4. **Mission 3:** Create an IoT smart home creative robot using an Android smart-board and various sensors (You need an Arduino Smart-board for children and a set of 20 sensors. If you have an MRT Robotics Arduino smart-board. You can use it. Otherwise, you must purchase it separately. Price $300 -Delivery fee, the course included)

# Visit UNSW, Time with Dr. Riza Yosia Sunindijo (By Zoom and in-person)
**Date**: will be confirmed soon

Award Ceremony: End of January 2023
[important!] More detailed information will be decided shortly after a discussion with the professor, such as the schedule.


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